Exploration has brought me the greatest sense of joy.

Travelling has been one of the greatest gifts of this life. There is so much I love about it. I like to travel on a whim, with little plans, and little direction. Kind of see where I end up is a good way to put it. In my traveling, I can practice no expectation. Maybe I miss a flight, or my plane is delayed, or I give up my seat on an overbooked flight for a $500 airline voucher and stay in a free hotel. Whatever the obstacle may be, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Lifes synchronicities and magic are great to tune into when traveling. I travel light with just what I need. I love to practice and demonstrate simplicity when I explore. If being whimsical and spontaneous on exploration, then it is very important to not be tied down by luggage and stuff. The reason I am able to have liaise fair opinion on the matter is that I generally don’t need to be anywhere. I work remotely, from my computer, making Web Sites, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, and Promotion. The idea of “not knowing” can really scare some people, but it is so liberating to me. I truly am living in the moment, and experiencing the divine timing of life! This path is less walked, but you can do it too. The most amazing part about this adventure is who you connect with, the ideas you share, the humbleness and the gratitude you gain, and uniting the world on a deeper level. Truly connecting, because we are all in this together.