Spreading the L O V E

Anna Provost – Founder

Hello! My name is Anna and thank you for checking out my site! I enjoy living life out of the ordinary, which is why I am lucky to have found this profession. You’ll either find me at my Mac desktop creating and designing for work or for fun. Or you will find me on an adventure with my Microsoft Surface, STILL creating and designing for sport and making an income.

I’m was born and raised in Vermont, USA  but also consider Colorado home too. I gained an Associates in Web Design and Interactive Media at The Art Institute of Colorado in 2012. Then a Bachelors’s in Web Design and Graphic Design in 2015. I would have labeled myself a skiing mountain lady, but recently I discovered a newfound passion for scuba diving and the ocean. I’m an advocate for anything protecting and supporting Mother Earths’ best interest.

I hope to travel most of the world, meet new people, discover new experiences, gain humility through other cultures, and live every day as a new adventure. If you’re still reading this ~ awesome! Reach out to me for any design needs, creative questions, adventure ideas, travel suggestions, or just because you feel called to!

Loving the E A R T H


To define my purpose it would be to protect the planet in whatever capacity that may be. Right now I strive to live by example. That looks like carrying my own cutlery, reusables, asking for plastic-free options, I used to not own a car, and now I have a fuel efficient car, careful of processed foods and false advertising on grocery items, awareness for sealife, beach clean-ups, and a more simple and sustainable world.

Easier said than done. Some days are better than others. Some days I forget my reusables, somedays I get slack for asking humans to be a little more aware of their trash and consumption. Somedays I am surrounded by like-minded individuals and we can share our similar dreams. Being earth-conscious “at first” can be poked-fun at. People don’t care, don’t think about it, they don’t want to get rid of convenience, or whatever the reason may be. Then I get to thinking, I have to talk to the influencers, the 1%, the greedy, the unaware, the “I don’t care”, the “climate change isn’t real”. Yes, that is blunt, but does anything even matter if we don’t care for the planet? The answer is, no. Alright, so here I am with a burning passion for the earth. Is it because I am from Vermont? We love nature! Is it my little amount of Abenaki Native American on my dad’s side that makes me care? Where it stems from I’ve come to let go, but where we go with it is what I want to focus on.

Okay, so I bet you have some questions. Why trash and plastic? Perhaps you don’t have any questions, but my experience and deep down intuition keep bringing me back to human waste, specifically toxic productions, with hundreds of years’ lifespans, aka PLASTIC. The new trend is “compostable”. The thing about large-scale compostable (I learned this on my Plastic Free Retreat) is it needs to be professionally broken down, turned, cared for, and in a compostable facility. Otherwise, things get contaminated and the compostables essentially become trash. Single-use is single-use, so here is where I circle back to wanting more than talking to my peers. I want to change societal practices. Why can’t we begin to slow down, perhaps order things “for here”, and have a new process for “to-go”. Why is recycling not talked about? Why isn’t it working? Let’s hit this thing on the head. Why isn’t there education on sorting metals, glass, plastic, getting rid of food scraps, the longevity of plastic, the estrogen plastic pumps into us, the excessive use of plastic around BABIES, MICROPLASTICS, the trash patch in the pacific ocean, the third world countries getting the waste, not knowing any better than to throw things on the ground too, HEMP, lies in advertising, the effects on the land and ocean – it’s time for a change. It’s time to educate and make new processes. 

I realize I have a common thread with the waste thing and I have invested quite some time in it. My social media is highly informational on plastic-free living. This is another reason why I would like to join this program. To hear all the passions of the students and teachers. Mine being plastics. There is just so much to change in society and I am sure the students who gather in this program have a huge chance of impact for good change. It would be reassuring to hear like-minded people and their positive solutions for pro-Earth. It would be awesome if we all picked a sustainable topic and made up action plans. My ideas start with Vermont, lucky for us, we are a very special state and are earth appreciative/conscious. This is an ideal test circumstance because of the passion Vermont already holds for the environment. My action plan would look something like this:

Topic: VT local trash Management

Objective: Manipulate a better system for waste, that is a win-win for consumers, producers, and the trash companies. This example could provide real numbers and data that we could push towards the rest of the USA.

Research: Visit Myers, and all other trash/recycling companies in VT, study the data, where is the waste going, express my objectives, network in the industry, pitch a new method for trash that benefits all, a more circular system. Research top polluters and start the conversations.

Action: From my studies and understanding of all parties, try and come to a compromising solution. Inform politicians, lobby for new laws, network, and make a change, because of good and pure intention that respects all views.

Strengths: Design, promotion, websites, marketing, networking, heart-centered decisions, creativity, passion

Weaknesses: The tedious number stuff, laws, heart-centered decisions, staying hopeful when no one else seems to notice what I notice (that’s why I must influence at a higher/corporation/law-making level), passion (haha!)


Recent research and projects:

  • Went to two Plastic-free retreats (one in Hawai’i and one online): https://iquitplastics.com/
  • Studied where trash goes on The Big Island of Hawai’i
  • Got free things for bringing my reusable cup and cutlery
  • At one point my fridge and bathroom were almost plastic-free
  • Made Ocean Activist Videos
  • Influenced “single-use plastics/ styrofoam” to be discontinued in Belize, Central America 
  • Participated in trash pickups and helped organize them
  • Made social media examples of sustainable and plastic-free living
  • Worked shortly with the biomimicry institute, but was laid off because of Covid. I learned about the importance of biomimicry and the amazing inventions that can come from mimicking nature.
  • Worked for a sustainable building company shortly to produce social media and content to explain the importance of building with your environment to even better the livelihood of the tenants.
  • Learned about sustainable windows, LED, lighting, solar panels, irrigation, plants, spray-foam insulation, recycled materials for building (what if this was an inspection policy or gave tax benefits)
  • Started clothing shopping secondhand and promoted it on social media 
  • Networked with some amazing eco-warriors and now lifetime friends
  • Furnished a home through second hand

Here I am noticing the constant in my life is Environmental and is the true subject that makes me feel I am living my purpose. With that being said, It’s what I want to pursue. I would love to join this program to be fed the skills the planet needs from me to succeed in my mission, gain lifelong acquaintances who understand the mission, who fill in my weaknesses, add to my creativity, and explode my passion! I want to do something that actually matters – and that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t refer to that as working.