Digital Designer / Creative Consultant / Adventure Advocate

Hello! My name is Anna and thank you for checking out my site! I enjoy living life out of the ordinary, which is why I am lucky to have found this profession. You’ll either find me at my Mac desktop creating and designing for work and for fun. Or you will find me on an adventure with my Microsoft Surface, STILL creating and designing for sport and to make an income.

I’m was born and raised in Vermont, USA  but also consider Colorado home too. I gained an Associates in Web Design and Interactive Media at The Art Institute of Colorado in 2012. Then a Bachelors in Web Design and Graphic Design in 2015. I would have labeled myself a skiing mountain lady, but recently I discovered a new found passion for scuba diving and the ocean. I’m an advocate for anything protecting and supporting Mother Earths best interest.

I hope to travel most of the world, to meet new people, discover new experiences, gain humility through other cultures and to live every day as a new adventure. If you’re still reading this ~ awesome! Reach out to me for any design needs, creative questions, adventure ideas, travel suggestions or just because you feel called to!


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Some kind words about me!

In Anna, you will find an individual with a strong triple threat: first in her understanding of people and how to work effectively with them to accomplish a task, second, technical expertise in web and graphic design and finally, a passion for assisting others, and commitment to see a project through. College students generally do not display this relentless and tenacious work ethic. Those traits have gained Anna the respect and experience in the industry from instructors, students, and clients.  


Ellen K. Long

Adjunct Instructor of Design Management  

Ellen LongLetter of Recommendation
Anna is a special person primarily because of the passion she brings to her work. Anna knows how to break down a potential problem scenario and address each aspect until all needs are met. She brings an infectious enthusiasm that is great in a team setting but she also knows how to work unaccompanied. Either way, Anna is a committed team player and is driven to accomplish her goals.
Anna is also a pleasure simply to be around. She is a great listener, a capable problem solver and most significant to me personally, an extraordinary friend. Her patience and resilience have gotten me and COjam through some tough times and she was instrumental in the building of our company’s website. Her breadth of knowledge far exceeded my own, thus manifesting many of my ideas into a tangible reality. Her skills in coding, HTML, CSS and other languages are what allowed my website and hence, my business, to thrive.
Lastly, Anna is one of the most creative individuals I’ve ever met. Combined with her passion, her energy and exuberance and her determination, there is no task too great for her. I am happy to recommend Anna Provost for any position being offered to her because I have no doubt she will succeed and in the process, inspire those around her. Anna would unequivocally be a great addition to any organization.
Very sincerely,
Eric J. Frank
Eric FrankLetter of Recommendation